8 Best Places to Visit in Denmark

Denmark is the nation where Scandinavia starts. It’s changed a great deal over the centuries. When recognized for its strong warriors, the Vikings, it’s now a peaceful modern-day country where cutting-edge architecture shares space with middle ages structures. You’ll see attractive angling villages that map their heritage back to the Vikings, so you’ll want to example their most renowned fish, the herring, possibly at a smørrebrød. Denmark is the land of Hans Christian Andersen, so you’ll locate palaces as well as castles where maybe fairy tales did come true. An introduction of the most effective places to visit in Denmark:

1. Gilleleje
You wouldn’t assume a nation as far north as Denmark would certainly have a Riviera, yet it does. The Danish Riviera is anchored by Gilleleje, an attractive fishing community on the North Sea on top of Zealand. Fishermen put their boats to great use in World War II when they end-runned German inhabitants and smuggled Danish Jews right into Sweden, simply 25 km (15 miles) away. You can learn more about these initiatives at the neighborhood museum. Established in the 14th century, Gilleleje is pretty and enchanting with photo opportunities galore. Walk the city, absorb the day-to-day early morning fish auction and visit the monument to Kierkegaard, the very first existential philosopher.

2. Ribe
” You’re not getting old, you’re getting better” is an expression that is aptly applied to Ribe, Denmark’s oldest community. Situated in Jutland, Ribe was founded in 700 as a Viking market; its city center is the oldest in the country. It was integrated in 1496, though it really did not see task as a city center until 1709. There is much to see in Ribe, from its enchanting half-timbered middle ages structures to Ribe Cathedral, the very first Christian church in Denmark. You can explore its Viking heritage or make the rounds with the night watchman in the summer season. Nearby is the eco-friendly treasure Wadden Sea National forest.

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3. Aalborg
Aalborg is an additional old Danish city that, over the centuries, has changed itself right into an industrial as well as social (focus on social) facility. It’s known for theater, symphony and also opera, as well as the Aalborg Circus, the biggest festival in Scandinavia that focuses about carnivals. The city also is recognized for its half-timbered manors, the 16th century Aalborghus Castle, a previous royal residence, and also the 14th century Budolfi Church, improved the ruins of an old Viking church. 2 old residences stand out: Jens Bang’s 17th century Dutch Renaissance house that’s housed a drug store for 300 years as well as 17th century mayor Jørgen Olufsun’s half-timbered and sandstone residence.

4. Elsinore
Elsinore, likewise called Helsingør, is residence to one of the famous castles worldwide: Kronborg, the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The play has been performed below annually for 80 years. The former middle ages fishing town was founded in the 15th century, though a fortress as well as a church surrounded by convents were developed a century earlier. It’s currently a bustling port city. A 2012 statuary, Han, in the harbor is thought about the counterpart of Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid. Leading attractions consist of the castle, the marine museum, and the statue to Holger Danske, a legendary personality who warred with Charlemagne.

5. Skagen
Denmark’s northern most city, Skagen, is additionally the country’s primary fishing port as well as among one of the most preferred locations to visit in Denmark, bring in 2 million visitors every year. This captivating village, with its scenic seascapes, long sandy beaches and also anglers, was prominent with 19th century impressionist painters. Danish nobility summered below in the very early 1900s; Skagen continues to attract the well-off today, consisting of sailboaters from around Scandinavia. Skagen, where the Baltic as well as North seas fulfill, is renowned for its herring fishing, so make certain to try some right here. The city boasts one of Denmark’s earliest lighthouses.

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6. Roskilde
Found 30 km (20 miles) west of Denmark’s present capital, Copenhagen, is among the nation’s early fundings, Roskilde. One of Denmark’s oldest cities, it is where several majesties are hidden. Their imperial tombs can be located at the 12th century Roskilde Basilica, the first block Gothic basilica in Scandinavia. An additional crucial tourist attraction is the Viking Ship Museum, which has the remains of five Viking ships that were sunk to safeguard Roskilde from sea intruders. Various other views you might wish to see consist of the imperial palace, currently an art gallery, and also the Roskilde Jars, three massive flower holders that commemorate the city’ 1,000 th wedding anniversary. In late June, early July a huge rock-and-roll occasion called the Roskilde Event occurs here.

7. Odense
Odense equates as “Odin’s sanctuary,” but it’s even more popular for other things than a safe haven for worshippers of this Norse god. It is the birthplace and also youth house of the renowned story teller Hans Christian Andersen, so you can anticipate to see numerous sculptures as well as sculptures of his personalities around town. Denmark’s third biggest city additionally is popular for the wonderful reward marzipan. Plus, a lot of its destinations are a treat for tourists’ eyes. The list consists of an old Viking castle; Funen Village Gallery, which recreates life during Andersen’s years there; Funen’s Abbey, among Denmark’s oldest art galleries, and also the 11th century Saint Canute’s Cathedral.

8. Bornholm
Bornholm, an island in the Baltic Sea closer to the shores of Poland and Sweden than Denmark, is understood for its arts and also crafts things, specifically glass as well as ceramic. The island is home to numerous communities with stunning windmills and also numerous medieval churches, 4 of which are round. The island, occupied by the Germans in World War II and also later by the Soviets, is kept in mind for its superior views from craggy sea cliffs as well as forests to verdant valleys and also beaches. It’s obtainable by ferry from Denmark and Sweden. Below, you’ll locate medieval fortresses and also sun temples from the Neolithic age. Bornholm additionally was the setting for Ken Follett’s thriller, Hornet Flight.

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